Let’s keep it authentic and put “the link” back at the core of our activities.

“Link creation” is the key element of our project: Men are social beings. We believe that man is perfectible indefinitely as long as he continues to share. Therefore, we have founded our organization, aiming to create links between individuals. Links have many virtues, from maintaining peace to personal enrichment, today, links have become key to everyone’s balance.



We offer a “proactive immersion”, meaning a commitment that focuses on personal development by way of a trip experience. Milna allows you to live as a traveler rather than a tourist. Travelers flourish as they experience the cultural differences, while tourists may not learn the same. While tourists observe passively, travelers participate actively. It is by pushing you to meet and interact with the locals that we strive to unravel a country’s complexity. We wish for the traveler to imbibe various local habits and traditions. We aim at “cultural assimilation” for sake of the individual.



We guarantee you comfortable adaptation to foreign cultures. We are aware of the importance of supporting travelers through their phase of adaptation to different cultures. In the past, we have witnessed that individuals tend to get confused when they are not in a familiar place/environment. The issues faced by them often force individuals to adapt physically and morally. This can be a source of discomfort, which we anticipate. Moreover, issues arising from a culture shock (language, habits, lifestyle, etc), climatic changes, or hygiene (food, health) can affect a traveler’s experience. We are here to help! So, are you ready to dive into a new cultural pool?