Get Euros at your arrival in Europe


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As a courtesy, Milna gives the participants of our projects, the possibility to get Euros on arrival in France.

Valid only if you have enrolled to one of our Exchange Program/Discovery Experience starting in France.

The amount you send to Milna, will be given to the participant in Euros, after deducting the fees charged by our bank. (approx: 2.9% + 0.3 EUR of the total amount + an extra 2% fee atop market exchange rates if your payment currency is not the EUR)

Milna does not charge any fee or apply special exchange rate. What we receive is what we give.

Adjust the quantity to reach the amount you want to exchange.


  • If the participant has extra Euros (even coins), Milna will take it back and give the equivalent of the original currency, directly credited to your credit card or refund to your bank account in KRW.
  • Your money is safe, no risk of losing money during your air travel to Europe.
  • No formalities to get Euros.

Shipping: You will get your Euros on arrival in France from a Milna person.